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“Donna Gibson is an extraordinary expert on healthy living!  Her extensive knowledge and experience in all things dietary were just what I needed to heal from microscopic colitis. She coached me on everything from what to eat and not to eat, safe and beneficial dietary supplements, exercise and sleep guidance, stress reduction and how to achieve a healthy mind and spirit. I’m convinced her efforts resulted in my full recovery!!  She’s an amazing asset to have on your side.”
-Susan Withrow


“As part of our school health and wellness program, our Human Resources Manager would offer many services to our employees.  It makes sense, that employees are healthy, happy, & functioning at full capacity. Fewer medical insurance claims saves resources. One of my favorite services our school has offered was the opportunity to meet with a Nutritionist.  I work in an athletic office and am health conscious anyway so out of curiosity, I signed up for a consultation. What I discovered was very beneficial, informative, and life-changing! I feel so passionate about the benefits that I wanted to share this post with others.

I discovered a warm and welcoming person, who focuses sessions on my individual needs. Ilissa doesn’t just help me manage my health, she is more life a life coach.  As a result, I feel empowered in making better choices with my food selections, getting more rest, experiencing higher energy levels, & setting and striving for personal wellness goals. We meet regularly to follow up and set more goals. Ilissa has become a dear friend and serves as an accountability so I maintain focus on my wellness goals. I highly recommend setting an initial consultation, do something for yourself.  Be proactive in your healthcare instead of reactive. I think people are suffering from a lack of good nutrition, but if you take care of yourself, life’s outlook is positive!”
-Tish Treadaway

“Donna and Ilissa are the best!  I’ve worked with Donna for almost ten years!  She’s hosted several informative sessions for my employees on a variety of nutritional topics. Her personality is great for public speaking, she knows her nutrition and she makes everything easy to understand.  Plus, she genuinely cares for others and their well-being.  Ilissa made a great addition to Donna’s team!  She’s hosted grocery store tours for my employees while pointing out healthy options throughout the entire store.  She’s also run healthy cooking classes for our employees where we learned how to create tasty but healthy dishes.  We even invited her to
our office for one on one nutritional counseling for our employees which was so well received we had to add additional days.  She is so educated and compassionate towards others which makes a great combo.  Both Donna and Ilissa are a great team and I would highly recommend working with them!”
-Jennifer Higgins, SHRM-CP, PHR, HR Manager

“When I reached out to inquire about employee wellness to Donna Gibson, I was happy to find a company so flexible and easy to work with. Donna was thorough and easy to work with, and we were able to implement services quickly and easily. 

Charlotte Country Day School’s employee wellness program has been enriched by the services of Ilissa Palmer, registered dietitian/nutritionist with Fruit of the Spirit Nutrition and Wellness since 2014.  Ilissa is incredibly knowledgeable in her field and helps employees with not only dietary assistance, but meal planning for individuals and families, specialty diets for those with medical conditions such as diabetes or allergies, nutrition to prevent disease and promote wellness, and so much more.  She can even meet employees at local grocery stores for amazing, educational tours to help them accomplish their nutritional goals.  These services are provided to Country Day employees with no out of pocket cost (as she is covered under our BCBS medical plan) and she meets with them on campus which makes the appointments affordable and convenient.  Scheduling is very convenient as Fruit of the Spirit offers online scheduling once the dates have been determined.  I highly endorse Ilissa and Fruit of the Spirit, and am delighted to partner with them in providing superior wellness services to our employees.”
Amy Madsen, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Human Resources Manager

There are so many things that I appreciate about Ilissa as a nutritionist… The #1 best quality is that her primary focus is on helping me meet my goals, as related to food, stress, etc., without trying to persuade me towards any particular type of lifestyle or diet, except “healthy”, of course.  She is full of knowledge and wisdom about foods and the effects they have on our bodies, and has guided me as I search for healthier options to add into my food choices.  Meeting with Ilissa on a regular basis has definitely improved my life!