Healthy Holiday Challenge Coaching Session

Bring a friend for FREE to a One-Hour Coaching Session * Our Lowest Price Ever * Don’t miss out!

  • Registration for this discounted offer is available for 5 days only and ends Friday, November 24th at 11:59 PM EST.
  • $50.00 for One Hour of Coaching is limited to 29 appointment slots. When the slots are full we will close the offer immediately.

Easily find out if this coaching session is right for you!  

Do any of these questions sound familiar? 

  • Do you have a plan to keep your health goals on track during the busiest time of year?
  • Are you anticipating all of the sweets and wondering if you can keep your sugar intake in check?
  • Are you feeling a bit anxious about your to-do list? 
  • Are you anticipating over-eating or knowing you will feel guilty if you over-indulge?
  • Will you revert to fast food when things get too busy?
  • Will you become run down and fatigued?
  • Are you throwing in the towel until the New Year?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this coaching session is for you!

The Holidays are a celebratory season filled with busy schedules, seasonal foods and sweets, and a time to make good memories. Why not focus on enjoying your time with more energy, less stress, and health goals in tact? 

What Do You Receive?

1. Strategies for slashing sugar cravings 2. Strategies to manage stress. 3. Immune system boosting foods. 4. Easy healthy meal ideas ( stop running through the drive through!) 5. Guidance for mindful eating and guilt free eating. 6. An accountability contract for you and your accountability partner to sign.

Your accountability partner can be anyone you choose. A friend, a family member such as a spouse, parent or child. A co-worker, the choice is yours. Don’t want an accountability partner? That’s okay too. We can certainly challenge ourselves!

*Bonus Take Aways: 20% off any future services you’d ever like to participate in that Fruit of the Spirit Nutrition and Wellness, LLC may offer. First access to any future offers from Fruit of the Spirit Nutrition and Wellness, LLC.


Feeling a bit anxious about staying healthy during the busiest time of year? Ready to slash sugar cravings? Do you need easy meal ideas on hand for busy nights? We have 29 appointments left for the Healthy Holiday Accountability Challenge! Bring a friend for FREE for $50 to a one-hour Healthy Holiday Coaching Session!!! You have 5 days to take advantage of this offer! Ring in the New Year Energized and Feeling Great! Pick an accountability partner to help you stay on track! Celebrating 1000+ Likes into the Holidays!

Healthy Holidays Accountability Challenge – Full Details and Registration Inside


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