Healthy Gift Ideas Your Valentine Will Appreciate

by Donna Gibson in Donna's Blogs
February 12, 2018

I believe acts of kindness which are meaningful to the recipient are always a good choice. I also believe honoring someone’s health is a great way to show you care. With a little thought on what your special person expresses as important to them or what may be hindering their health, you can find a great way to celebrate them.

Many people are actively seeking practical ways to implement daily stress relief, as well as ways to incorporate more serenity into their daily life. Stress can impact your health, relationships and daily productivity. Not all methods are for everyone, but here is a quick list of ideas for some well-earned self-care.You can find pictures for my top picks below, at the bottom of the article. 

 Gift Ingredients for a Calming Bath 

Time for a hot bath in a relaxing environment is a great way to decompress and can help with a much-needed good night’s sleep.

A great gift for the special lady in your life, a friend, coworker or mother, daughter, sister. Don’t forget teachers! Men can also reap the benefits of a soaking bath. For someone in your own home, a bonus gift is preparing a clean bathtub for them.

Put these items together in a nice basket or gift bag for a thoughtful, health-giving gift:

  • Quality Epsom salts. Epsom salts ease tension, sore muscles and provide health supportive magnesium. Magnesium is absorbed through the skin during the bath and promotes relaxation. Magnesium can also enhance sleep and lower the daily physical effects of stress.
  • Essential oils are a proven way to calm your mood and ease tension. A relaxing aroma to encourage breathing in relaxation followed by exhaling to let go of some tension is a good step towards calming your mind and body. A few drops of a relaxing essential oil such as lavender or sandalwood create a homemade aromatherapy bath.
  • A soothing lotion or coconut oil with lavender or peppermint is perfect following a hot bath. Another good choice is a deeply hydrating oil such as avocado oil, filled with omega 3’s and vitamin E.
  • Setting up some calming music and having a warm towel ready from the dryer would be the icing on this cake!

Tea Essentials: A Great Way to Encourage the Benefits of Tea

The benefits of tea are out of the bag. Even taking the time to prepare a nice cup of tea is an act of self-care! A starter tea set makes a great gift for anyone.

Put these items together in a nice basket or gift bag for a thoughtful, health-giving gift:

  • A quality tea press or a dual coffee and tea press. Having fresh steeped tea on hand and in your line of sight can help encourage a few moments of good self-care. Simply taking the time to sit down and relax while enjoying the warmth and calming effects from the tea of your choice is making time for you. Since receiving a press for a gift, I can personally attest to the difference a nice press has made for me to personally take time out for a quality cup of tea.
  • Quality loose leaf tea. You can also steep teabags in a press.
  • A special mug or tea cup set with a saucer and spoon.
  • Fresh lemons for a splash of flavor and added health benefits.

A Starter Kit for Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are all the buzz and for good reason. Used appropriately they are proven to provide a multitude of health benefits, including relaxation, focus, elevating mood, aiding respiration by opening the sinuses and so much more.

Most people start using essential oils by diffusing them in their home. There are many recommendations for diffusers and you can spend a lot of time trying to figure out the best choice for you. After using many types of diffusers, my personal choice is a bamboo diffuser that is BPA free, with several options for how long you would like to diffuse. I believe a quality ceramic diffuser is a great choice, but with a busy household, I have lost two nice ones as they break easily without careful handling.

A starter kit for essential oils can be a great gift for men and women and something to be enjoyed for a long time to come.

Put these items together in a nice basket or gift bag for a thoughtful, health-giving gift:

  • A diffuser designed for essential oils.
  • A starter sets of essential oils.
  • A guide to using the oils.

I believe any gift given with helpful intentions is a kind gesture.

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Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

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  1. Starr says:

    This is beautifully written! It is informative and filled with good intentions and heart. It has great gift ideas!!!!

    1. Donna Gibson says:

      Thank You, Starr. I appreciate your kind words and encouragement!

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