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Successful Meals and Snacks Start at the Store

Healthy eating starts long before you’re at home and about to eat. It truly starts at the grocery store or your local farmer’s market when you’re deciding what to buy.

We’re frequently asked questions such as: “What kind of food should I buy at the grocery store?” “What brand?” “What should I look for on the label?”. These are just some of the hundreds of questions we’ve been asked over the many years that we’ve been helping people with their food choices.

In response to these questions and the needs of the people we help, we started our grocery store tour service with you in mind so that we can really talk about what is important to you in the place that eating healthy starts.

The thousands of items at the supermarket can be overwhelming to anyone. Gain the clarity and the knowledge you need to become an informed and healthy consumer with our grocery store tour service. Explore each aisle with an expert by your side, and ask all of the questions you’ve ever had about the food you eat while grocery shopping.

After this unique and personalized experience with either Donna or Ilissa, two Registered Dietitians and food experts, you will come away from this experience with practical food and nutrition information you can use every single day to be well and feel your best. Tours also include helpful materials to take home. This one-of-a-kind experience is plenty of fun and incredibly informative.The food choices that you make have a huge effect on your life, and they start in the grocery store.