Personal Nutrition Coaching

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You asked, we listened! Enjoy personalized guidance from your very own Nutritionist in the comfort of your own home and at the grocery store! Clients often ask if we could just come to their kitchen, come with them to do their grocery shopping at the store, to cook with them… As a matter of fact, yes, we will! Be confident in what you buy, learn cooking tips and tricks, and keep a healthy stocked kitchen!

What’s Included:

  1. Two Hours in Your Kitchen: Sort out your pantry!
    -Do you ever wish for an organized pantry filled with healthy options? It’s time to make it happen! Save time and money with an easy to navigate pantry for healthier meal prep and organized shopping. You will be able to read labels and make the best decisions on what foods to buy and why, according to your budget.
    -Common items we help you to go through and understand:
        1. Canned Goods
        2. Spices
        3. Boxed Foods (Pasta etc.)
        4. Snacks
        5. Refrigerator & Freezer Foods
  2. Two Hour Virtual Meeting: Meal Planning and helpful food lists!
    -Discuss and create personalized lists for pantry staples, meal components, grocery lists, snacks, breakfast ideas, and a personalized meal planning template.
  3. Two Hour Grocery Store Tour: Tour a grocery store with a nutritionist!
    -Spend two hours learning about the best food choices you can make for the upcoming week. 
  4. Four Hours of Meal Prep: Time in your kitchen with food you can eat!
    -We provide recipes to choose from and you get to keep all of them- the ones we cook together and the rest for you to have to use for other meals later on. We will help you cook 3 easy meals for the week, label and freeze meals for easy use and prep your snacks for work and home. You supply the agreed upon recipe ingredients, any kitchen tools you have available, and we will meal prep!

Additional Included Items:

  1. Take Away Recipes
  2. Two 1 Hour individual follow up visits
  3. One hour phone call to discuss additional questions
  4. One Hour continued support (additional hours available)

We offer our 12-hour personal nutrition coaching packing for an affordable price of $499, or three installment payments made of $175. 


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