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Here you’ll find simple, smart, and flavorful recipes that we’ve personally created for busy people who want to eat the real foods our bodies need. Our recipes are extra special because they showcase plenty of revitalizing plant foods and other functional foods- ingredients that each serve a purpose for enhancing your health. It’s important to keep your choices exciting, so we offer a healthy variety for all appetites!

 We fully encourage thinking outside of the box (literally) when it comes to fueling yourself throughout a day of balanced eating, so feel free to mix and match the categories. Forget about the typical American diet. There are no limitations to how you can enjoy these recipes…go ahead and eat savory dinner recipes for breakfast, pair Snacks together for your lunch, serve Breakfast for dessert, and so on and so forth. Smaller Side Dish recipes can be found under Main Dishes and can be made into full meals by adding other ingredients. The most important part is that your meals are made up of nutrient-rich foods (check!), that taste good (check!), and you are honoring your body’s natural cues for hunger and fullness (eating mindfully).