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We highly recommend the following to help equip and inspire you as you go forward with discovering your best health. All that you learn here, we can help you implement into your own life.

Documentaries for knowledge, inspiration, & motivation:
Hungry for Change- Watch the Hungry for Change Film Trailer
Forks Over Knives- Watch the Forks Over Knives Film Trailer
Fed Up- Watch the Fed Up Film Trailer

Free Online Guides:
CALM (website & smartphone app)
Guided meditation, deep breathing, sleep stories, and soothing scenes to help you to reduce stress, calm anxiety, sleep better, and feel happier.
The Environmental Working Group: Consumer Guides
Know your environment, protect your health.
EWG’s Dirty Dozen
A list of fruits & vegetables with the highest levels of pesticides, the produce that is worth buying organically grown when possible.
EWG’s Tapwater Database
Enter your zip code to find the safety of your drinking water.
Seafood Watch
Recommendations that help you choose seafood that’s fished or farmed in ways that have less impact on the environment and your health.
Tips for Avoiding GMO Foods (Genetically Modified or Engineered)
From the Center for Food Safety. Know what ingredients and labels to look for.