a unique approach to health

tailored to your needs

Our primary focus is to provide new and valuable solutions to our clients, with an emphasis on listening and responding to each person’s unique needs. We allow plenty of time for every appointment in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

When we are not in the office, we enjoy providing on-site wellness services to corporate worksites.

We offer flexible hours and scheduling to accommodate work and school schedules. We welcome individuals and families.

Meeting one of us in the office is the perfect alternative for an employee from one of our corporate accounts who may desire extra time, privacy outside of the work site, or require a more flexible scheduling option.

Our group services are not limited to corporate wellness. We will provide group sessions in the community by request.

We are often asked to speak for special events and we will deliver an inspirational and educational message. Group Cooking Classes are also welcome per request.

Please feel free to look through the “Services We Offer” for more in-depth descriptions of what we provide and for more information about payments and insurance.

Services We Offer:
Cooking Demonstrations
Corporate Wellness
Individual Coaching
Individualized Grocery Store Tours
Public Speaking Engagements
Wellness Fair
Payment/Insurance Information